This year's meeting place for the food industry

Aquatiq Food Forum is a professional and social meeting place customised to the food industry. Here, leaders, professionals, national and international specialists meet to share knowledge and experience, and to network.

The most important conference for leaders in the food industry

How can technology contribute to a safer, greener and more profitable food chain?

How to engage people and stimulate culture to rapid change and innovation?  

The very best in the industry - how do they think and act?

Increased globalization, new research and technology require the food industry to handle large and demanding changes faster, but it also opens up new and exciting business opportunities.

Consumers demand more openness, accountability and want full transparency about the origin of a product. In addition, the competition is tough and the need for efficiency is greater than ever.

600 million people worldwide are affected by food poisoning every year, and unsafe food is a threat to both health and economy. Unwanted incidents related to the production and sale of food have led to a dramatic drop in the share price for several global companies so far in 2019. Sustainable production and sales are essential. A safer and greener food chain is an important central area to be updated on and must be discussed in management groups and in boardrooms. It is about conserving corporate reputation and daring to innovate in order to strengthen competitiveness going forward.

This year, as in previous years, we have brought national and international capacities and experts. An amazing mix of food expertise, management, technology and cases is presented.

Don't miss the Aquatiq Food Forum September 10 and 11 - this year's most important meeting place for food industry leaders!

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Who participates in Aquatiq Food Forum?

  • Food industry leaders with operational, professional or strategic responsibility

  • Senior executives / factory managers with operational management group

    • Key Personnel managers within purchasing, sales, production, technical, quality, improvement, cleaning and hygiene

  • Managers in food retail or HORECA with operational, professional or strategic responsibility within EMV, quality, environment or operation

  • Suppliers of goods, equipment and services for the food industry

  • Research environments, organizations and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

  • Trade press for the industry